criminals probably call you fat girl


Messing around. I still like oldschool Catwoman the best.


So I finally watched Son of Batman. My favourite part was when Dick told Damian to go fuck himself. Ok not really, but it was definitely a personal highlight hahaha. The action scenes definitely did Damian justice I wished he fought like that at the end of Inc.

Anyway I really like the little changes made to Damian’s costume, particularly the little fringes on his cape; I kind of just want to draw him like that from now on. *v*

Comic book artist appreciation post:
 » Jae Lee

MARVEL COMICS MEME — ten characters
↳ Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman)


Took a swing at colouring Blacksirensolo's gorgeous Starfire lineart :> <3

Excellent practice and lots of fun :P


Zatanna appreciation post

If you know my name then you should know I don’t play by anyone’s rules

Batman/Superman Annual #1 (2014)

"In her travels, she puts all the courage,and Amazon wisdom, guided by a merciful heart toward the people in need."