criminals probably call you fat girl
Batman/Superman Annual #1 (2014)


Batgirl, by Veronica Fish


Ivy’s favorite comic book charactersBarbara Gordon (Batgirl / Oracle)
Daddy was so proud. The police commissioner’s daughter was coming into her own. But I had other thing on my mind. Like my father’s mysterious friend. Batman. I had it all figured out… I was going to be just like him. Running around fighting crime and preserving the pace. I became Batgir. A hero. It was dream come true— fighting alongside the man I idolized. And another I’d come to love. Then came the man whit that awful smile… and his camera. He took pictures of what he had done. He hurt me. The Joker stolen my legs from me. Shattered my spine. Made me feel fear… and hate. And I used it. Reached down deep inside and made something else of my world. Used my brain… and my way with computers. That’s how Oracle was born. The seer. The truthsayer who led her Birds of Prey prom the privacy of her little nest.

Suddenly, I get it. I see him. I see why crooks are terrified, why Dad doesn’t talk about him. He’s not a myth or a nightmare. He’s a real man, a human being. And now I know what being driven really means. And I know I want my life to matter.

I can be good enough for the costume. I can be… mediocre. For a lifetime. Or perfect. For a year.


I just wanna fly.